Help support over 114,000 hard-working families around the Lakeshore in Muskegon, Newaygo, and Oceana Counties! 


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Become a United Way of the Lakeshore Sponsor!

Sponsors allow us to invest in what our community tells us matters most - helping working families meet their basic needs through the attainment of income stability, good health, and educational achievement. Your generous sponsorship ensures that every dollar received from individual donors is able to go directly to support local programs that build a thriving community for us all.

There's something in it for you too! Your partnership with United Way is recognized through our online and print communications, at community events, and through more than 400 United Way campaign presentations that take place with over 45,000 employees throughout the year.

Through a United Way sponsorship, whether it's a specific event or as a signature sponsor, you can align your company with the strength of the United Way brand, while demonstrating your generosity and a commitment to improving lives and strengthening our community.

Interested in being a sponsor? Contact Stephanie Ladegast at or call (231) 332-4000! 

Emergency Response Fund Heading

United Way of the Lakeshore works every day to meet the needs of families in our region. But when our community faces a crisis, we must be able to immediately respond to significant spikes in demand for food, shelter, and access to emergency services.

The Emergency Response Fund ensures we are prepared to act when our community needs us most.

Need help in a time of crisis? Dial 2-1-1 or click here for more information.


When crisis strikes, United Way is there to help. Our Emergency Response Fund is in place to offer quick relief to families when a widespread crisis hits our region.

We know the power of coming together to take care of each other in times of crisis. Through this fund, United Way is working to ensure that whenever disaster strikes, families and front-line organizations have a place to turn for immediate support and recovery. Your support help makes this possible. Please give today.