Loaned Executives

We have a great opportunity for you to volunteer! The Loaned Executive program is a good fit for new and emerging leaders within an organization. You will gain enhanced leadership qualities, improved team-building skills, project management skills, and gain exposure to the community's top businesses and professional leadership. Retirees make excellent Loaned Executives, with their great work experience as well as extra time to invest in their community.

Please consider this great role to help us grow results for our campaign to improve lives. If you would like to become a Loaned Executive or have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call J.J. Lewis, Chief Development Officer, at 231-332-4007.

What is a Loaned Executive? 

The Loaned Executive is the “foot soldier” of the United Way campaign and is probably the most important person on the campaign trail.  The relationships built between the Loaned Executive volunteer, the organizations, and the staff are essential for United Way's success.

The Loaned Executive assists the United Way in planning, organizing, and managing 6-10 workplace campaigns. Hours are varied and flexible. Approximately 20-40 hours total from August-December. 

Prior to assignment, Loaned Executives participate in a two-day training in July to focus on enhancing the following skills:

  • Management 
  • Interpersonal Communications 
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales 
  • Team Work

The ideal Loaned Executive is someone who is enthusiastic, organized, a self-starter, and a positive, community-minded person.

Lin Turnage LE “Being a Loaned Executive with United Way has been one of the most rewarding positions I’ve held. Whether through sharing helpful resources with those in need of support, or increasing funds raised by underscoring impact of each dollar and minute donated, this role has allowed me to expand my reach as a volunteer and see for myself the combined power of every contribution- big and small.” - Lin Turnage, CRPC; Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Why should your organization participate in the Loaned Executive Program?

The Loaned Executive program is a great fit for new and emerging leaders in your organization. The program helps them strengthen the necessary skills for succeeding in your organization, while at the same time helping United Way inspire change and build thriving communities.

Your employees will gain:     

  • Enhanced leadership qualities
  • Improved team-building skills
  • Project management skills
  • Exposure to the community’s top business and professional leadership

How do businesses benefit from supporting volunteerism?

  • Improved public and community relations
  • Increased employee commitment
  • More productive employees
  • Fewer lost employee hours 

***Source: Points of Light Foundation Youth & Family Outreach

What can my organization do if it does not currently have an available employee?

You can still support this valuable program:

  • Retirees make excellent Loaned Executives!  
  • They have a vast amount of experience, as well as extra time to invest in their community.  
  • Suggest a name or two and we will do the rest!